• For Pharmaceutical companies and Biotech companies

FOR SPONSORS – Added Value

At SOUSEIKAI, our Sponsors range from Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Biotech, Vaccine, Generic, and Biosimilar companies, to Medical Device, Nutraceutical, and Tobacco corporations, as well as Universities. These firms vary in size from the largest in the world, to those trying to get a foothold in the Japanese Market for future investment or potential out licensing opportunities. A current approximate ratio of our clientele is 80% Japanese, and 20% foreign.

We believe we are a valuable resource for Sponsors, being able to leverage SOUSEIKAI’s large medical group infrastructure and extended network. Whether it be lending insight on regulatory or study conduction questions; searching for the “right fit” CRO for in-country projects; exploring recruitment PRO resources; looking for academic / KOL knowledge;  or being a KOL for investors interested in pursuing projects in Japan – we hope to be both a crucial pivot point for conducting trials, as well as a springboard for helping problem-solve necessary extended resources when needed.

Our specially designed Innovation and Strategic Business Department was crafted with this in mind, helping to streamline communications, reaching out to, and working more closely with, Sponsors. Our efforts include not just outreach in Japan, but as well abroad with clients, and at international conferences and networking events held throughout the world, staying proactive about keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the industry.

These efforts culminate towards the same goal, for the benefit of all parties – enabling the safest, most time and cost efficient trials, in order to provide the best therapies to those that need it – both here in Japan, and globally.

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