Extending Reach, Supporting Services

We place importance not just on the services we provide to Sponsors, but how well we integrate and work with CROs and their related vendors – to facilitate the communication, time, and cost efficiency necessary to make GOOD clinical trials and research conducted here in Japan GREAT.

We are well aware of the complex logistics and intricacies of the clinical trial management balancing act, conducted often simultaneously in different regions. For development specifically targeting Japan, as well as for Global studies, we want to help CROs already with presence here, as well as those with interest in partnering with Japanese CROs to support and expand their existing services.

Whether you are a CRO seriously thinking about starting or extending your own services in Japan and for the APAC region, or in the initial stages of exploring available options, we are here to support your inquiries and provide experienced working knowledge of the practicalities and connections to do so.

Please feel free to check out the  Japanese CRO Association resources below, to browse regular and associate members, and/or reach out to us about any questions you might have.

JCROA – Japanese CRO Association (Members)

MORE QUESTIONS? – Please feel free to contact us here.