WHO we are. WHAT we do.

– A Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to SOUSEIKAI Medical Group. Established in 1987, SOUSEIKAI specializes in the three main areas of Clinical Research, General Health Care, and Nursing Care. We have over 2500 staff, with facilities including 5 clinical research sites (362 beds), 7 hospitals (1339+ beds, 220 physicians, 27+ therapeutic areas), 4 nursing care facilities, and 2 rehabilitation centers. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the highest quality medical services, as well as helping support the development of new therapies via our Clinical Research Division, to best serve both Japan, as well as our global community.

SOUSEIKAI Medical Group’s Clinical Research Division and Sites conduct clinical trials for clients – to date conducting over 2000 studies with 5500+ protocols. We are early phase specialists, as well as cover phases 1-4. Working with both the Sponsor and CRO, we help facilitate communications and navigation of the clinical trial process here in Japan, aiding in the streamlining of trial conduction strategies and timelines. Also, an added benefit of our services is the leveraging of our large medical group infrastructure to help connect Sponsors, Investors, CROs, PROs, Regulators, and Subjects together, to create a more vibrant, progressive, and innovative therapeutic development network and environment – both for domestic and global markets.

Please reach out, and let us help support your projects both here in Japan, as well as for Global Studies. We look forward to serving you, and contributing to the never-ending search for better and safer healthcare therapies, improving patient lives and quality of life.

-Dr. Shin Irie, Executive Director, SOUSEIKAI Medical Group