souseikai global clinical research center

Vaccine Studies

SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center has a long and successful history conducting vaccine studies.

We have conducted 53 clinical trials since 2005 in all phases (Phase 1 ~ Phase 4), and the subjects of these trials covered not only healthy young adults, but also adolescents, the healthy elderly, and vaccination cases that require special attention, including patients with cancer, Diabetes Mellitus or Rheumatoid arthritis. We also have an on-going research grant from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan.

Currently we have conducted 11 government research protocols of vaccine studies in children under 4 years old, adults, the elderly, and also in patients under immunosuppressant therapies. Our mission is in challenging the bigger goal of providing the benefits of vaccinations to people all over the world.


You can choose the location and number of CRUs in our SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center depending on the needs of your study.

We have experience in conducting vaccine studies safely and efficiently with up to 1,500 healthy young and 650 Elderly subjects per study.

Examples of Vaccine Studies: Polio Chikenpox, Flu, RSV, Pneumonia, Clostridium difficille, Zoster, COVID-19