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TQT Studies/Intensive QT Study

Cardiac safety is one of the top priority when you develop new drugs.
Therefore, in order to make the go / no-go decision before investigating larger studies, it is always a good idea to test QT intervals for investigational drugs at an early stage of drug development.

We have successfully conducted 65 intensive QT studies and 13 TQT studies as Phase 1 clinical studies as of Mar. 2022.

One of our biggest advantages is the fact that we have 3 top certified cardiologists that are working closely on TQT studies in compliance with ICH E14 Guidance requirements.

For those IPs that show unique profiles, complimentary consultation of TQT/Intensive QT study design is available.

Find our latest TQT Study publication here:

Evaluation of assay sensitivity and the concentration-effect relationship of moxifloxacin in a QT/QTc Study in Japan
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science 2014 48:181-189