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SOUSEIKAI Medical Group

Contributing to the Well-being of Society
Since 1986

SOUSEIKAI is one of the largest and oldest physician-owned clinical practices and research groups in Japan. More than 220 medical doctors and 2,500 employees support approximately 40 medical specialties and services, advancing medical research for a better future with better treatment.

We specializes in three main fields:

Clinical Research: SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center

Global Clinical Research Center consists of the following five clinical research units:

  • Hakata Clinic
  • Sumida Hospital
  • Fukuoka Mirai Hospital
  • PS Clinic
  • Nishi Kumamoto Hospital
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Healthcare: Medical Clinics & Hospitals

SOUSEIKAI has eight hospitals in western and central Japan (Kyushu, Tokyo).
In the summer of 2015, SOUSEIKAI opened a large-scale hospital (MIRAI Hospital) with over 300 beds in Island City, Fukuoka, Japan, which includes many special features to help meet your and your family's medical needs.
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Nursing Care:

SOUSEIKAI has over 4 nursing care facilities both in western and central Japan (Kyushu, Tokyo). There are many services available including short- stay services, resident care homes, and home-visit nursing services, to support all age groups who need special care, as well as the elderly population.

Rehabilitation center:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation Center
  • Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities
  • Sports Rehabilitation Center
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