souseikai global clinical research center

SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center

SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center consists of five clinical research units (CRUs).
The advantages of our CRUs include:

  • compliance with ICH-GCP and ALCOA-CCEA
  • experience in FDA Clinical Investigation Inspections
    (All results: No Action Indicated (NAI))
  • contracts in English, including confidentiality agreements and clinical research agreements
  • CRU assessments by sponsors in English
  • Utilize SOUSEIKAI Hakata Clinic IRB
  • easy transition of data collected at our labs to your central labs
  • intensive care centers near CRUs that are available in case of emergency
  • large elevator(s) at CRU locations that can accommodate hospital stretchers

Our CRUs:

At all of our five CRUs, besides the same high quality PK/PD studies being available for healthy volunteers, they are available as well for patient studies.

Hakata Clinic
No. of Beds: 60
Director:Dr. Yoshikazu Kaji
Sumida Hospital
No. of Beds:90
Director:Dr. Ippei Ikushima
Fukuoka Mirai Hospital Clinical Research Center (Fukuoka)*
No. of Beds:130
Director:Dr. Shunji Matsuki
PS Clinic
No. of Beds:40
Director:Dr. Tomomi Tsuru
Nishi Kumamoto Hospital
No. of Beds:100
Director:Dr. Koji Yamaguchi
*Formerly Sugioka Memorial Hospital Clinical Research Center