souseikai global clinical research center

Physicians & Staff

We have more than 320 dedicated staff at our Global Clinical Research Center.
At SOUSEIKAI, we have created an environment with experienced staff that are ready to work with you for the successful accomplishment of your goals.

Board Certified Physicians
We have 55 physicians at our Global Clinical Research Center.
Our Physicians' specialties include, but are not limited to: Cardiology, Diabetes Mellitus, Reumatology, Emergency medicines, Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Urology, Ob/GYN, Dermatology, Orthopedic surgery, Plastic surgery, Neurology, Respiratory Medicine, Radiology, and Gastroenterological Endoscopy.
Registered Nurses
Currently, 97 registered nurses are dedicated to working on clinical trials at our Global Clinical Research Center.
They are not only well trained in both their fields and for clinical trials, but they also work well with participants.
Their compassionate care and professionalism make both the participants and our clients' clinical trial experiences successful ones.
Registered Pharmacists
Our 25 registered pharmacists work very closely with clients in planning and coordinating the whole clinical trial process at our Center.
Their continued efforts in the pursuit of greater knowledge in the field of medicine and regulations in drug development, along with thier faith in professionalism, allow clients to fully trust our work during the clinical trial process.
Participant Recruitment Division
Our 13 professional members of the Participant Recruitment Division make everything possible.
They have the confidence and experience to recruit the right subjects for your clinical trial.
Thanks to this team, we have a variety of pannels for almost any trial, including: healthy men, young women, postmenopausal women, the eldery, children, Caucasians, Chinese, Koreans, as well as patients in all therapeutic areas.
Clinical Research Lab Technicians
We have 60 nationally registered lab technicians at our Global Clinical Research Center.
They are well educated and trained to ensure high quality throughout the sample handling process in a timely manner, and also are responsible for sample shipments, which include quality management.
Thanks to their aspirations, we're always ready to explore new techniques and clinical trial methods.
Global Support
At SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center's Department of Global Clinical Development, it is our mission to develop and support our global sponsor to archieve their goal in Japan, and globally.
As a world leading clinical research center, we strive towards maintaining excellence in the field of clinical research.

*Note: We also have 8 nationally registered nutritionists and 8 radiation technologists working full time at The Center.