souseikai global clinical research center

Phase 1 Studies & First in Human

As one of the leading Phase 1 clinical research centers in Japan, we proudly continue to meet the needs of our clients with a competent and flexible workforce.

We are here to help you with the power to recruit optimal subjects for your trial, highly experienced in-house physicians and staff to conduct trials safely, and the ability to quickly and efficiently meet deadlines.
In these regards, along with competitive pricing, we have received a high reputation from clients all over the world in conducting clinical trials including Phase 1 - First in Human studies.

With our harmonized Standardized Operating Procedures, we can perform multicenter clinical trials if needed.

We are actively involved in Phase 1 Studies of patient populations dealing with a broad range of therapeutic areas.

First In Human Studies

SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center has actively been conducting First In Human (FIH)studies since 1986.
To date, we have conducted 94 FIH studies including ethnobridging studies.

In order to smoothly take your new investigational drugs to the next step, we conduct FIH studies safely and efficiently with the aid of our large onsite workforce of physicians empowered with a broad range of specialties, along with our experienced clinical trial team.

Our board certified physicians by specialty are:

Emergency Medicine:Shin Irie, MD
Anesthesiology:Yukikuni Sakata, MD, PhD Ryuzo Hanada,MD, PhD, Shigeki Tsuji, MD, Rie Yazawa, MD, Tatsuya Yoshihara, MD, PhD
Internal Medicine:Ryuji Urae, MD, Ayumi Mugitani, MD
Cardiology:Yoshikazu Kaji, MD, Ippei Ikushima, MD, PhD, Kyoko Matsuguma, MD, PhD
Rheumatology:Tomomi Tsuru, MD, Misato Nakagawa, MD, Miwa Haranaka, MD
Endocrinology:Takashi Eto, MD, PhD, Kazuhiko Kogawa, MD, PhD, Yoko Yasunaga, MD
Hematology:Yoichiro Ogama, MD, PhD
Geriatrics:Seigo Nakano, MD
Nephrology:Masatoshi Tsukamoto, MD, Nozomi Higo, MD, PhD, Yuko Matsumoto, MD
Pediatrics:Hideki Koyanagi, MD, PhD, Harumi Murakami, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology:Shunji Matsuki, MD, PhD
Urology:Makoto Yono, MD, Keiichi Kitajima, MD
Orthopedic Surgery:Ryuzo Hanada, MD, PhD, Takanori Tanaka, MD
Plastic Surgery:Takuma Yonemura, MD
Radiology:Ikuko Iwashita, MD, PhD
Dermatology:Kayo Taira, MD, PhD
We provide our physicians and nurses an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS ) training course annually. All staff members at our Global Clinical Research Center take a mandatory Basic Life Support (BLS) training course every year.