souseikai global clinical research center

For Pharmaceutical Companies

SOUSEIKAI has been supporting Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes around the world for last 34 years in Japan.
With our strong experience and academic background, we have conducted 105 FIH studies to date, helping our sponsors to safely move their IPs forward to the next step.

Chart1: SOUSEIKAI Phase 1 Studies breakdown

At SOUSEIKAI, we have 49 in-house physicians covering over 27 therapeutic areas to conduct all phase studies, clinical pharmacology studies, as well as any specialized studies requiring technical excellence. With these resources and experience, we conduct simultaneous FIH studies, a variety of Phase 1 studies, and bridging studies of various stages, for Asian and Caucasian subjects for companies who are interested in making a presence in global pharma markets without any gap in time.

[Study Capabilities]

  • Clinical Pharmacology Studies
  • Mass Balance, Microdose Studies
  • NDA Enabling Studies
  • Studies for Promotional Purposes
  • Specialized Studies

SOUSEIKAI Clinical Research Center’s 5 facilities are located in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Tokyo.
These 5 Facilities are strategically organized to make specialized studies less complicated.
Our ethnobriding studies are conducted in Tokyo ( for Caucasians), and Fukuoka (for Asians) for speedy subject enrollment.
Also, the Fukuoka facilities are particularly ideal for endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and gynecology studies among others, as they are equipped with experts in the area as well as having access to specialty-related technologies.
At the Kumamoto facility, urogynecology, general urology, and BE/GE studies are conducted with their full work force, and access to female panels including both healthy subjects and patients.
Our Tokyo facility is favorable for companies who are based in Tokyo or have a preference for big city clinical trials. One of this site’s specialties are TQT studies and CNS studies.

However, at SOUSEIKAI, we conduct studies all under the same facility SOPs, and all of our facilities are capable of using our sponsors’ SOPs, so given the increasing complexity of early phase studies, it is one of our strong advantages to be very flexible to utilize all of our facilities’ resources for any special study needs.

All of our facilities have extensive experience in Phase 1 studies for all therapeutic areas.

SOUSEIKAI Advantages for Pharmaceutical Companies at a glance:

  • Quick Study Setup
  • Flexibility
  • Complimentary Consulting
  • Study Conduction Know-how
  • Proven Competitive Costs
  • Integrated Study Conduction from FIH to POC within one protocol
  • ICH GCP compliance
  • Studies for Caucasian, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese Bridging
  • MRCT Experience
  • Well connected with Japanese Pharma and CRO industries