souseikai global clinical research center

Facilities & Equipment

SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center has a number of advanced facilities and equipment for your clinical trial needs.
Here are some examples:

Medical Devices
We are equipped with a wide variety of medical devices to support a broad spectrum of clinical trial needs, from diabetes (auto glucose clamps) and respiratory (bronchoscopes) studies, to CNS (EEG / MRI) and urodynamics (Duet Logic D2 / Magnetic Stimulators). You name it, we have it.
  • automated glucose clamp system
  • Bronchoscope
  • ECG
  • Urodynamics
  • EEG
  • magneticstimulation
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device2
  • Angiography for PTA
Clinical Laboratory
We can cover almost all of your clinical trial lab equipment needs.
All equipment are handled by nationally registered laboratory technicians, and our spacious labs make it both easier and safe to handle samples during the clincal lab process.
Our high-spec equipment is maintained periodically, or kept up to date by replacing them with improved models accordingly.

  • -80°C deep freezer
  • -80°C deep freezer
  • Centrifuge
  • Coagulation
  • Deep Freezer
  • Dumwaiter
  • TBA120FR Chemistry Analyzer
  • Table top Centrifuge
  • Dipstick Analyzer
  • TBA120FR Chemistry Analyzer
  • Cell Counter
  • Automated Immunoassay Analyzer
Investigational Drug Storage Unit
We have investigational drug storage units at each of the CRUs at the Global Clinical Research Center, which are only accessible by the research pharmacists.
In the unit, we have drug cabinets (including controlled drug cabinets), fridges, freezers, and a temperature controller.
The storage units are securely controlled by designated personel.
We provide full pharmacy services for our clinical trials.
Our full-time research pharmacists are responsible for drug storage and dispensing, subject randomization and blinding, and protocol adherence.
Each pharmacy features a clean room with a temperature controller, clean bench, fume hood, and all related devices for IMP preparations.
Medical Imaging
SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center has several different types of technology that can be used to aid in trial subject selection criteria, confirm investigational drug effects, and/or monitor subject safety. Each type of device is operated by board certified radiologists and medical imaging technicians.
  • 3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Flat Panel Detector
  • Bone Densitometer
  • MRI
  • CT
  • Ultrasonography
We have temperature and humidity controlled archives at each of the Center's CRUs, along with fire-preventative measures such as halogenic gas extinguishers to protect client documents.
We store all documents regarding clinical trials of investigational drugs until their approval.
Even if investigational drug development is discontinued, the documents can be stored for up to 15 years upon request.
Gynecological Exam Tables
We have conducted many gynecological studies at SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center.
With our board certified OB/GYN, and panels of female volunteers aged 20 years and older, we have conducted many gynecological studies safely and efficiently.
All gynecological exams are done by our in-house board certified gynecologists for procedures such as transvaginal sonography, echo mammography, and cytotechnology.
Ophthalmic Tests
For details about ophthalmic tests and equipment, Click here
Smoking Test Rooms
We have smoking test rooms with ventilation systems available for tobacco-related studies.
Emergency Call Buttons
Emergency call buttons are installed at easily accessable locations in bathrooms, shower rooms, and toilets in all clinical trial units at SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center.
InBody Measurement Equipment
The InBody measurement device is a precise and reliable analyzer of body composition.
It provides a comprehensive view of body fat, body water, and minerals, and is used to assess the overall status of the body.
Security System
Our facilities have security systems accessible on each floor of our clinical trial units, and on each door of the main offices.
The security systems not only carefully monitor volunteers while at our facilities, but also keep our clients' confidential documents safe and secure.
Polysomnography Rooms
At our Center, we have 2 polysomnography testing rooms at the PS Clinic, where we conduct sleep apnea and narcolepsy-related studies.