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Elderly Population Studies

One size doesn't fit all

Japan has largest elderly population in the world. This population accounts for 28.5 percent of the 125.99 million people living in Japan, a number continuing to grow today, up 5.8 percent from five years ago according to the the 2020 Japanese national census.

34% or more of all prescription medication used, and 30% of all over-the-counter medication, are used by the Elderly Population in developed countries such as Japan and the United States. The population for those 65 years and older is only increasing, especially in developed countries. It is clear that as we get older, pharmaceutical therapies and treatment will become increasingly necessary, extending both the length and quality of our lives.

At SOUSEIKAI, from both a national and humanistic perspective, we are sympathetic to these needs. We are fortunate to have access to both a booming healthy elderly and aging population, as well as a large elderly patient population thanks to our 7 large scale hospitals with 200+ physicians in our medical group network. Both populations are ready to be a part of, and support, clinical trial panels for the development of medication and therapies for the elderly. This, combined with our vast experience conducting clinical trials with the elderly and aging population, and trained staff, makes the process a smooth, safe, and efficient one.

Located in Japan, we believe in the development of therapies to support those who are currently, or soon will be, a part of this growing and robust population. Please take a look at our experience below, and feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop therapies and medications for this valuable and growing part of our society.

Study Experiences with Elderly Volunteers (2008~2021)

To date, we have conducted 60 studies in healthy elderly volunteers, ARAD (Asymptomatic at Risk for Alzheimer’s Dementia) subjects, and Alzheimer’s Disease patients. The subject demographics for our elderly studies can be found below:

65-749 each (male, female)
65 and older12-48
65 and older (Vaccine)200-650
70 and older (Vaccine)176


  • 5,000 healthy elderly volunteer panels (both male and female)
  • Experienced elderly volunteer recruitment team
  • Full Time/Affiliated Geriatric physicians, Neurologists, Cardiovascular physicians, Endocrinologist, and Ophthalmologist.
  • Complementary consultation for study design and protocols

Study Experience

  • A study involving 2 long-stays in 1 protocol (11 night stays + 24 night stays)
  • Urology study involving 5 nights stay and a water loading test
  • Studies involving CSF sampling and MRI for healthy elderly volunteers, ARAD subjects, and Alzheimer’s Disease patients
  • Intensive QT Studies
  • Elderly anti-coagulant study
  • Alzheimer screening tests(n=350)

*For consultations for studies with Japanese elderly subjects, please feel free to contact us.