souseikai global clinical research center

Caucasian/Chinese/Korean Studies

We have created and maintain active volunteer panels in various ethnicities for your specific study needs.

Our compliance with both ICH-GCP and the Japanese GCP enables sponsors to utilize and submit the data generated at our sites to any of the major regulatory authorities in the world as they see fit.

Whether the purpose is to quickly investigate early parameters in different ethnicities and compare them with the original population, target multiple markets simultaneously, or to pursue next steps for global development, SOUSEIKAI is always ready to accommodate and support the specific needs of our sponsors every step of the way.

Our Experience:

  • 47 Ethnobridging Studies Conducted
  • 3,400 + Subjects Enrolled
  • Studies Involving Long Stays (12 nights - 22 nights)
  • Studies Involving Frequent Visits (10-20 visits over 5 months)