souseikai global clinical research center

Biologics & Biosimilar

SOUSEIKAI has been contributing to Biologic developments in Japan since late 1990s.
Our in-house specialists including Rheumatologists, Hematologists, Diabetes specialists, and a Dermatologist along with 270 experienced staff and 50 physicians have safely conducted over 189 biologics /Follow On Biologics studies at SOUSEIKAI.

Our experience includes;

  • 59 studies of Insulin Preparations
  • 8 studies of Interferons
  • 20 studies of Growth Hormone Preparations
  • 8 studies of GLP1
  • 57 studies of antibody preparations
  • 3 studies of Neurotropic factors
  • 7 studies of G-CSF
  • 20 studies of Erythropoetins
  • 1 study of GIP Recepter Agonist
  • 6 studies of metabolic drugs
  • 60-130 subjects enrolled for each Biosimilar Studies

Study experience includes:

  • Patient Subjects
  • Caucasian Studies
  • Comparison Studies (Fomulations, doses, administration route)
  • Over 6 months of Investigational site visits

For Japanese regulatory perspectives, please check here;

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