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Automated Glucose Clamp

glucose clamp study

To overcome the burdens of manual methods such as frequent blood draws and inconsistent results, we adopted the Automated Glucose Clamp. Authorities all over the world recommend conducting glucose clamp studies to evaluate diabetes compounds.

We are equipped with 4 Artificial Endocrine Pancrea (STG-55, NIKKISO Co.LTD), and have 3 endocrinologist on site.

Since 1997, as one of the leading clinical research centers in Japan, we have developed glucose clamp methods for clinical trials and have conducted 31 studies using these methods. Our experience includes studies in First In Human, Type 1 and Type 2 DM patients, insulin sensitivity, and hypoglycemic clamp among others.

Types of Insulin: Rapid-acting, Intermediate acting, Short-acting, Long-acting
Route: SC, DI, IV, Inhalation IM

Please find our latest publication on the glucose clamp here:
"Insulin degludec/Insulin aspart in Japanese patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus: Distinct prandial and basal glucose-lowering effects"
Journal of Diabetes Investigation 2016; 7; 574-580

A video clip of our Clamp Study Demonstration is here: (   Artificial Endocrine Pancreas (STG-22, NIKKISO Co.LTD)   )