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Healthy Volunteer Challenge Models

The clinical trial process has evolved on how to gather all the information efficiently. Attempts on evaluating the efficacy at the early stage, several challenge models have been developed and investigated to demonstrate the proof of pharmacology. SOUSEIKAI has also tried to establish the methods of conducting these challenge studies safely, and now the following studies are ready to discuss upon request.

  • Pain Evaluation using cold pressor test
  • Influenza challenge
  • Skin irritation and provoking itchiness

Platelet aggregation tests

To date, we have performed platelet aggregation tests for over 4,000 times to test platelet function. We accurately measure platelet function not only to identify its dysfucntion, but also to evaluate and monitor the function in various antiplatelet therapies.

Our equipment for platelet aggregation tests for a variety of investigational drugs are as follows:
NBSHEMA TRACER 801 (Niko Biosceince)
PA-200 (KOWA)
ET-800 (Tokyo Koden)

Bleeding time tests

We measure bleeding times by using Duke, Template Ivy, or Simplate Ivy methods.

We have experience with about 2,000 bleeding time tests.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

We conduct clinical trials for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
Currently we have conducted studies with healthy male volunteers, Type II DM patients, and Essential Hypertension patients.
We can monitor subject blood pressure every 15 minutes for up to 48 hours continuously.

  • Equipment:TM-2431, TM-2433 (A&D Medical)
  • Analysis software: TM-2430-15, TM-2485 (A&D Medical)
A Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring device The image of putting on ABPM
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring