souseikai global clinical research center

Greeting from SOUSEIKAI

Welcome to SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center!

SOUSEIKAI is a physician-based private medical group providing a variety of high quality medical services and clinical research dedicated to our community and the health of Japan.

When my colleagues and I first established SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center about 35 years ago as one of the forefront leaders in Japan, we combined western technology and knowhow with Japanese innovative spirit and hard work ethic. This is the underlying philosophy of our clinical research center now ranked one of the most qualified in the world.

We currently have a total of 1,883 beds that can be used for both general practice and clinical trials, of which 420 beds are dedicated to clinical trials. To date, working closely with global pharmaceutical companies, we have both safely and efficiently conducted over 5,700 studies in about 1,700 new protocols. Out of a total of 2,500 employees in our medical group, 329 staff are now working exclusively at 2 clinics and 3 hospitals at our SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center.

As the current needs of clinical trials change day by day internationally, we actively conduct both domestic and global clinical studies with the ability to adapt and challenge new ideas. Our investigators and coordinators are experienced with all phases of clinical trials from first-in-human Phase I studies through Phase IV postmarketing studies. We also have proven success with study populations spanning from young children to the elderly, patients in all therapeutic areas, and most ethnic populations.

Having a firm foundation in the advanced sciences and knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, we continue to swiftly provide and set up studies, exceed recruitment goals, facilitate smooth and easy communication during the clinical trial process, and provide trustworthy and reliable data, while maintaining our highest standards of safety.

I sincerely invite you to SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center. Let us help you make your clinical trial a successful one!

SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center Executive Director & CEO Shin Irie, MD.
SOUSEIKAI Medical Group CEO Ryuji Urae, MD